sks rifle

sks rifle

Welcome to our exclusive SKS rifle sale, where history meets exceptional performance! The SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova) rifle, crafted by the renowned Soviet designer Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, offers a unique blend of reliability, accuracy, and historical significance. Introduced in 1945, this semi-automatic carbine is chambered in 7.62x39mm and features an integral ten-round magazine that can be conveniently loaded using stripper clips.

Our SKS rifles boast a robust gas-operated system and a durable wooden stock, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance. Each rifle is equipped with a fixed bayonet, adding a touch of authenticity and versatility. Known for its simplicity and rugged design, the SKS rifle is a favorite among collectors, hunters, and sport shooters alike.

When you purchase an SKS rifle from us, you are not just buying a firearm; you are acquiring a piece of history. Our rifles are meticulously inspected and maintained to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time buyer, the SKS rifle offers an unparalleled shooting experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a classic piece of firearm history. Browse our selection and take home your SKS rifle today!


Note: Whereas the Russian SKS rifle can appear in any of the world’s battlegrounds, the Chinese SKS should really only appear in places where there was a lot of military aid from the People’s Republic of China. Most of the SKS rifles seen in movies about the Vietnam war are Chinese Type 56 carbines, but the presence of original Russian Type 45 Carbines are not historically implausible. The Soviet Union supplied ComBloc weapons in every hemisphere where there was a Marxist/communist presence.

A battle-proven gun design and a Cold War classic, the 7.62×39mm chambered SKS rifle is familiar to many shooters, hunters, and gun collectors around the globe. Invented in the Soviet Union as a replacement for the Mosin Nagant, the Chinese would adopt the SKS in the mid-1950s and begin producing millions of their own SKS models for the next two decades.

Hardwood stock
• 20” barrel with folding bayonet
• Includes top-feed magazine with hinged floor plate
• Calibre: 7.62 x 39mm

Perfect for restoration enthusiasts, or a unique challenge, these Surplus SKS Rifles await confident refurbishment skills to bring them anew.

WARNING: These rifles must undergo significant cleaning to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Purchase indicates understanding that the rifle will require thorough cleaning and/or refurbishment, including: processing the removal of grease and oil, potential surface rust, imperfections to stock, bore, bolt, barrel; and/or other minor repairs.

NOTE: Not exactly as shown. Models vary in type, age, conditions, colours, finishes, etc. This image is representative of a similar model.

IMPORTANT! Surplus rifles are not covered by warranty, and any additional supplies and/or gunsmithing costs are at the owner’s expense. ALL SALES FINAL.

In an effort to maintain consistency and accuracy, all the graphs presented in this article have excluded rare SKS prototypes, documented war trophies, presentation pieces, and other extremely scarce and atypical examples. The buyer’s premium (15% through June of 2022 and 17.5% thereafter) is included in the sales price, as this properly reflects what a collector paid to own their SKS.

We’ve also excluded any lots that feature guns other than an SKS since those prices cannot be easily attributed to a single gun within their respective lot. Since SKS rifles tend to be bundled into lots of two or more guns, the price of each SKS-only lot has been divided by the total number of guns in that lot to give a more accurate representation of the average SKS price by year at Rock Island Auction Company. The graph below is a compilation of several thousand examples sold over eight year period, providing a broad overview of the SKS platform as a whole in the current collecting environment.

Average-SKS-price-at-RIACHow much is an SKS worth? The average SKS price at Rock Island Auction Company from 2015 to 2022 has been on the rise. The upward trend lines up with SKS blue book values and presents an intriguing case for the rifle as a true vintage collector’s gun.

While SKS prices going up isn’t a surprising result to most firearm fans, the extent of the increase might turn heads. In only an eight year span, the average SKS price at Rock Island Auction Company rose nearly $250, or 49%, an impressive surge in value. In 2015, an SKS averaged $449 in price, inching up to $478 in 2016 before rocketing to $573 in 2017. The following year saw a slight correction, with the average SKS still selling for an average price of $552, then breaching the $600 barrier in 2019 and working its way to the $697 mark by 2022.

Beyond the SKS Crate

In the 1980s and early 1990s, SKS rifles were often sold by the crate in American gun stores. While the days of bountiful SKS crates have long passed, the gun can still be purchased in quantity at Rock Island Auction Company. Our final dataset compares the average price for a bundled lot of four SKS rifles over the last six years.


The Type 63 was intended to replace the Type 56 semi-automatic carbine in Chinese service at one time when infantry felt the need for a compromise between rifle firepower and long rifle range and to help the Type 56 assault rifle integrate into service as there were too few of these to equip the entire PLA. The development of the Type 63 started in 1959; the design certificate was issued in 1963 (which is why the Chinese designation is “Type 63”), and the rifle entered service within the PLA in 1969. The Type 63 was removed from PLA service in 1978 due to bad performance and accuracy.

Other than China, the biggest user of the Type 63 rifle was Albania, where it was exported in quantities when the Communist regime split from the Soviet sphere of influence. The Type 63 rifle was also exported by China to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and throughout the 1970s, it was also sent in smaller amounts to Burma, Cambodia and other countries in Asiaand Africa.

North Korea also has used the Type 63 rifle in addition to their own locally produced SKS rifles

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