Sig Sauer M17X 9mm 4.7″ Pistol with ROMEOM17 Red Dot – Coyote


Sig Sauer M17X 9mm 4.7″ Pistol with ROMEOM17 Red Dot – Coyote

Sig Sauer presents the M17X, the formidable successor to the M17—the sidearm of the U.S. Military. This next-generation pistol epitomizes both performance and reliability while showcasing the advanced features of the X-Series. Factory equipped with the rugged and innovative ROMEO-M17 red dot optic, the M17X with its coyote tan finish brings military precision to the shooting enthusiast.

Shooters often face the challenge of unreliable optics and insufficient control with standard-issue pistols. Aiming precision can be compromised in adverse conditions, while managing recoil and achieving rapid reloads can add to the difficulty level.

The M17X’s factory-mounted, fully enclosed ROMEO-M17 red dot optic provides an aspheric glass lens for zero distortion and ultimate protection against the elements. Coupled with an X-Series grip module featuring an extended beavertail and aggressive stippling, the M17X offers exceptional firearm control and faster, more efficient reloads with its magwell extension.

Features and Benefits:

  • ROMEO-M17 Red Dot Sight: Offers clear aim with zero distortion, is fully enclosed and weather-sealed.
  • Coyote X-Carry Grip Module: Enhanced with an extended beavertail and aggressive grip stippling for superior handling.
  • X-Series Flat Blade Trigger: Increases tactile response to promote greater accuracy.
  • Mag Capacity: Comes with three 21-round magazines for extensive shooting sessions.
  • Optics-Ready Slide: Seamlessly integrates with the ROMEO-M17 sight for a low-profile aiming solution.